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Nightmare, by Anita Garrington ©

I lay awake, filled with dread...
afraid of demons in my head.
Don`t close your eyes my tired mind screams,
I am in fear that I might dream.
frightful visions of guilt and pain...
They wreak havoc on my brain.
Guilt for long ago,
real or imagined, they plague me so.
In the darkness of the night,
like a child...I`m filled with fright.
So here I am, still wide awake,
Wondering which path my mind will take.
Without warning the sand man comes...
the long bleak journey has begun.
In a and wide,
reflections of the past collide.
Pulled down into the dark abyss,
waiting for evil`s kiss.
desolate places my unconscious mind roams....
until my alarm clock calls me home.