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Image Magick studio


My Imager

Gif Wizard

JPEG Wizard. Jpg optimizer.

Banner generator.

Web FX

Image Cruncher

Gif Split

List of Tools.

Devilmanozzie`s Color Windows

Aqua blues image magic Tute links. Great collection.

Draacs Image map tute.

Animated Banner tute, looks interesting.

Color Chart, has HEX and RGB codes

Mini Moos Angelfire Tutes.

Red Wolfs Twisted submissions, Loads slow due to the many tools listed. Worth the wait IMNSHO.

Text colorizer

CSS tute

Another CSS tute.

Self promotion, Learn how to get your site listed in popular search engs.

Animated name tute.

Background Tester, have a back ground addy ready.

Flameing Text. Love this site.:)

Tiger Lilly's tools.

Get urls from a page


Clock Tool

Alphabetize Some Text


Link Scan...check page for bad links with this handy tool.



Image Stacker

Cool Tools

Shit load of links.

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